after_effect (after_effect) wrote in jimmyeatworld,

polaris--without the lyrics? probably a long shot

Anyone know if there is a version of polaris without the lyrics? just the strings? suggestions? we want to use the song at our wedding ceremony when everyone is walking down the aisle.
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I do not know, but I must say that I walked down the aisle to Polaris. We had a great musician there to play it acoustically and sing all the perfect parts. It was the one thing about our wedding that we got to decide and control, and it was completely perfect. I am still in awe of how amazing it was. Congratulations!
I'm pretty sure that if you got some musician friends (everyone has some!), they could figure it out and at least write it down for someone to play/record.
This is probably another long shot but you should try messaging Zach on Twitter. Maybe since you're using it for your wedding, he'll be able to help you out :)