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jimmy eat world
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This is your one stop shop for everything J.E.W.! The best community for Jimmy Eat World on LJ. Maintaner is subplot. Email me at true_aequitas(@)yahoo.com or any of my messenging names.

1) This community is for every single J.E.W. fan. It is a place to talk, share stories, talk about tours, pictures, etc. It is not a 'who has liked the band longer' contest.

2) Respect every member here. Flaming is not allowed whatsoever.

3) There are no stupid questions about the band.

4) Keep posts relevant to the community. Sharing a band that you think J.E.W. members may like is acceptable. Posting absolutely irrelevant nothing to do with anything here at all will get your posts removed and likely banning. (Banned members may rejoin if an apology is issued to the community). You cannot make a post that says something about J.E.W. for the purpose of posting something highly irrelevant. Spamming = instant, no questions asked banning.

5) Don't post asking for places to download J.E.W. songs. Buy the freaking album and support the band. Posts like this will be deleted.

Community Guidlines here. You don't have to read them, but that doesn't mean you can plead ignorance if you break them.

Jimmy Eat World is love

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