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Well, I'm biased in some sense because deep down, JEW will always be my favorite band in many ways, and I have yet to find an album that hits me the way Clarity does. So it really would take a complete shitheap for me to dislike them.

That being said: Invented. Having listening to it once straight through, and now working through a second time, here are my thoughts.

It's not perfect by any means. And there are some parts that had me kind of bored. HAVING SAID THAT, HOWEVER, I often find that I'll be bored by music the first time I listen through, and then will go back later and really enjoy it on the second or third listen. I'm getting that vibe from this album.

Like Chase This Light, I feel the album is kind of disjointed. The songs seem good after a first listen-through, but the album as a whole doesn't flow very well. However, I do enjoy the songs themselves. I like the way they sound for the most part. A few are pretty "meh," but every album has those songs (I'm looking at you, Just Tonight!)

The songs seem darker than the previous album, which is good, because their darker albums are their better ones as far as I'm concerned.

I feel as if the album is experimental for them in many ways. It seems like they sort of messed around with different styles to see what worked best. It isn't bad, but it isn't great. ON THIS LISTEN-THROUGH, AT LEAST.

I'm sort of out of it, so let me end by saying this: Has JEW reached its prime? Yes. Have they passed it? It looks like it. But I have yet to hear anything that makes me lose faith in them altogether.

Tracks that stuck out: Cut, Invented, Movielike, Coffee and Cigarettes.

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